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The best deals on smartphones you need to check out

April 30, 2020

The best deals on smartphones you need to check out

If you have a good budget and you want to buy a smartphone, here are the cheapest smartphones and a range of the best smartphone deals. Every year over a billion smartphones are sold, hence the competition gets so high that the smartphone deals that you will get today will not be similar to the previous day deals. There are many smartphone discounts in stores that sell electronic items. There is no dire need to buy a very expensive phone because most of the efficient work is done by a normal smartphone as well. You can look for the 10 best smartphone deals online that will also include Samsung smartphone offers.

OnePlus 6
Priced lesser than Google Pixel 2, this is a flagship smartphone that has an extremely good processor and compact dual lens camera with a large screen and great display. Priced at $530, this phone is one of the best smartphones of 2017. With a 20MP camera and fingerprint sensor, this phone can shoot slow-motion videos with high clarity and amazing light. With a Qualcomm processor offering more RAM this 6.28-inch phone offers faster connectivity and great range.

iPhone SE
This phone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6S with similar specifications. It costs only around $350 and is an amazing bargain among the best smartphone deals. It has a 2GB RAM and an A9 processor similar to 6S. It has a 12MP camera that takes brilliant looking pictures. It has all the features like Siri, NFC, Apple Pay and Touch ID.

HTC U11 Life
This phone has an amazing design and a great performance with water resistance and Bluetooth 5.0. With a budget of $350, you can get one of the sturdy and best looking smartphones on deals. It performs really well and has a 32GB storage and a 3GB RAM that accelerates the performance of the phone. It is a colorful phone and has digital assistants to assist you. The accessibility to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HTC’s Sense companion are all a great add-on to the smartphone at the price. It has a 16MP camera on the front, 2600mAh battery which is not much when compared to other phones but can get your work done easily for a day. It is a 5.2-inch phone with a great LCD display as well.

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