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Top 3 budget-friendly tablets for kids

September 13, 2017

Top 3 budget-friendly tablets for kids

Technology has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Starting as early as nursery rhymes to cartoons, technology has become an integral part of most kids’ lives as well. However, while it would be a bit too early to introduce any seven-year old to a laptop or smartphone, a tablet does a perfect job here.

Spending big bucks on a kid’s tablet is not a wise option because knowing kids, the tablet could be here today, and gone tomorrow. A tablet that is pocket-friendly yet sturdy would do the trick, here.

Here are the top three cheap tablets deals you could easily find in the American market:

LeapFrog Epic

While LeapFrog is known to be one of the leading brands in tablets, the Epic is something that takes the cake here. For a price of USD 91.99, this is among the best cheap tablets deals. The device comes with great parental control features, an already installed educational software, and a bumper case for that added protection. What makes this tablet so kid-friendly is that its home screen is highly interactive and comes with animated characters and game prompts.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Sturdiness is the key here. This tablet comes with a sturdy kid-proof case that may be subject to bumps and falls and yet survive the test of time. It has some great parental control features that allow parents to automatically set a time limit for usage. This tablet also comes with Amazon’s FreeTime app that gives you an entire year’s free subscription to movies, games, books, and educational apps, among others. At just USD 99.99, this is one of the greatest cheap tablets deals anyone could ask for!

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids Edition

Priced at about USD 130, this may not be among the top cheap tablets deals of all, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids Edition is worth every penny spent, especially with its free three-month subscription of Samsung Kids, that gives you access to National Geographic, Sesame Street, and DreamWorks Animation, among other educational and interactive sites. This tablet also comes with a bumper case, good parental control, and a host of other free educational and interactive apps to choose from.

Based on your preferences, choose the one that suits your needs the most.

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