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Top Four 4K TVs under USD 1000

Top Four 4K TVs under USD 1000

4K TVs are the way to go in the day. While there was a time when these TVs mainly belonged in the homes of the elite due to their steep prices, it is becoming a thing of the past, now. Today, the prices of 4K TVs have fallen to quite an extent. Some 4K TV sets cost even lesser than a laptop and sometimes even a tablet, thus making it available for all those TV lovers who are willing to spend an extra if not exorbitant for a great viewing experience.

While, we so promisingly tell you how a 4K TV could cost even lesser than a laptop, how about giving you a list of the top four 4K TVs that cost less than USD 1,000? Yes, you read that right just! Have a look.

  • Sony 55-inch X800 E series at USD 998

Backed by some great HDR technology, the Sony 55-inch X800 E series is one the best TV deals at just USD 998. It comes with an LED display technology that makes for stunning colors, a 55-inch screen, and Edge-lit backlighting. And should you be lucky enough to spot a TV sale in town, you could get this TV for even cheaper.

  • Samsung 49-inch MU8000 at USD 798

This is one of Samsung’s top-most Standard 4K Ultra HD models and the TV sales for this one start just from USD 798. It offers a 49-inch screen size, LED display, and Edge-lit backlight.

  • LG 55-inch UJ7700 at USD 764

At just USD 764, this is one of the best prices you could get on a TV sale of a 55-inch full array LED model. And one of the major USPs of this TV set is its off-angle viewing feature, which one can’t find so easily in other 4K TVs.

  • TCL 55-inch P607 at USD 649

Outstanding value for money at just USD 649, this TV is a 55-inch full array LED model that comes with inbuilt Roku interface and gives users access to a wide range of apps and content. This beauty also comes with HDR support.

Choose the one based on your preference and enjoy watching on this budget TV.

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