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Food items to stop bloating

Food items to stop bloating

Obesity has always remained a health hazard, but it had not received the kind of attention, it does now. Perhaps, the advent of the electronic era brought with it certain ills like being glued to a video game or such indoor activities that left even the children gaining weight beyond the prescribed standard.

It is also true that the overall eating habits underwent changes and what are dubbed junk foods have become a norm rather than an exception. The result is bloated midriff and then the madness to get rid of the excess fat, spending hard earned dollars on membership in a fitness center or some such thing. If you have still not reached that stage, it is better to know the foods to stop bloating and switch to consuming them regularly. Here are some suggestions.

Rice: The reason rice is being recommended by experts is because it digests faster and does not leave any gas in the gut. Many food items you otherwise eat have this issue of indigestion. So try rice in some form to replace the starchy items you are eating like corn and potatoes.

Make it more vegetable-based: Greens like celery, cucumber and parsley make for some wonderful foods to stop bloating. For one, most of these are rich in fiber content and act towards detoxing the system and many toxins can be purged from your body. However, the suggestion here is to eat most of them cooked instead of raw.

Bananas: Every list you check out on the suggested items of food for reducing body fat or bloat will invariably have some common entries and the humble banana is one of them. One of the major reasons for recommending bananas is that it is rich in potassium. The general consensus is that the type of food one consumes, particularly in restaurants, is high on sodium and one needs to balance out that by eating bananas. This ensures the overall potassium-sodium balance is maintained in the body.

Yoghurt: This is another item that is always included in the foods to stop bloating. However, you should be careful in choosing the right kind of yoghurt. The most preferred from the point of view of losing a few ounces or at least to avoid bloating is the plain yoghurt, which is trans-fat free.

Some other suggestions
There are a number of other food items that are good for maintaining a healthy body and to not succumb to gaining girth. These include green or herbal tea, fruits like melons, ginger, turmeric, and lemon juice. More than what you can and should consume, there is really a long list of things you should avoid eating and that too very frequently. In addition, regular exercising is always recommended to everyone; young, old, male and female. This ensures that the person stays physically and mentally fit and active throughout the day and gets a good night’s sleep. All this is also needed to stay fit and trim and not put on weight.

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