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5 ways to make creative bulletin boards

5 ways to make creative bulletin boards

Usually, when students go back to school after their summer break, the first thing they notice in the classroom is the bulletin board. Hence, teachers strive to make these boards more creative and beautiful. Here are some ways to make the bulletin boards more creative.

  • 3D design: Bulletin boards usually look very flat and two dimensional. Teachers can try to make these boards pop off the walls. 3D patterns are a great way to grab students’ attention. Teachers can incorporate 3D designs using DIY fringed grass, textured bark, and tree branches. Teachers can staple these designs to the board. In this way, they will fold out, creating an illusion of movement.
  • Comic books and cartoon characters: Incorporate comic book and cartoon characters as they are relevant to students’ interests. Popular comic book characters promote a positive attitude, good behavior, and can also be used to grab the attention of students going back to school. These bulletin boards can have comic book characters who encourage perseverance and teamwork.
  • Reuse old boards: Get creative and make use of old boards by decorating them with some simple supplies available in your classroom. You can use old posters as pocket charts. This craft makes plastic charts more exciting and helps you save a lot of money as you won’t have to buy a new one. Try to cover an old or unused chalkboard with contact paper if you run out of bulletin boards.
  • Borders: Creative borders are an excellent way to frame the bulletin boards as well as hide choppy paper edges. Layer a couple of them to give the bulletin board frames a matte look. You can use extra borders to turn the entire wall into a bulletin board or to create an extension to your current bulletin board. You create a whole new theme based on a particular subject with this technique.
  • Mailbox bulletin boards: These types of bulletin boards are perfect for communicating with students who are coming back to school. You can glue library cards on these bulletin boards and put notes in them to assign work to the students. You can make these boards more interactive by allowing your students to ask questions about their assignments using the same boards.

Creative and interactive bulletin boards can make the classroom’s environment more enjoyable and colorful. Great visual displays can help students grasp useful information. They also offer a better way to communicate with students. Check out DIY websites that offer ideas for making creative bulletin boards with the help of easily available supplies.

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