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Top 5 Accredited Online Universities for a Degree in Social Work

Top 5 Accredited Online Universities for a Degree in Social Work

There is nothing better than making a difference in the society. While a privileged few live great lives, there are many others who do not have access to the most basic amenities. Additionally, our country still needs development in a lot of sectors. Following are the top five accredited online universities where you can pursue a degree in social work to help the country.

  • Humboldt State University
    Offering a Master’s degree in Social Work, Humboldt State University is one of the best accredited online universities for a degree in social work. The department of social work here is helpful and guides aspirants through their degree. It teaches them how to be a part of organizations that help improve the society. The course costs around $7,676, and financial aid is available for eligible students.
  • University of North Dakota
    The Masters of Social Work program offered here will teach you all that you need to know about pursuing social work. You can opt for the online degree or even visit the campus to undertake this course. Additionally, the university has a provision that allows you to pursue the course online as well as offline. You would need 36 credit hours for distance concentration or the online degree course. However, this course is worth the effort, and it is sure to set you on the path of social work.
  • Eastern Washington University
    The Social Work Master’s Degree here is presented in a hybrid format. It is the perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and a practical approach. This course will prepare you for social work practices in both rural and urban pockets of the nation, ensuring that you can put your education to good use for the society. It is also one of the most coveted accredited online universities.
  • Liberty University
    Choose the Bachelor’s degree or the Master’s degree offered here and get set on your path of making a change in this world. Liberty University is one of the best accredited online universities, and it has also received the title of being the number 1 online college of America.
  • Indiana Wesleyan University Online-Adult Education
    A part of their behavioral sciences department, the social work course at this college is well-curated. There are courses such as social welfare organization, intergroup relations, and anatomy and physiology that will help you gain insights into the social situation of the country.

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