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Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has gained popularity because of its features and ease of use. It has become a clear competitor for the iPhone with its exciting new features. Many say that the design of the Galaxy S7 Edge has been influenced by the design of the iPhone. However, it is a standard smartphone with good looks.

Some of the most promising features of this phone are that it is waterproof and has been provided with a good memory that allows you to store a large amount of data. As the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge takes over its beautiful predecessor, these new features are not instantly evident.

This latest phone from Samsung is updated with the IP68 certification, which means that the phone stays dust-proof as well as waterproof. This ensures that your phone is safe against any rain or hail you might be stuck in. This also keeps the phone safe against kitchen leaks or glass drips.

On a locked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, two apps are visible. The icons of these apps are available for easy access. You can choose between any two apps of your choice. Ideally, the ones you use most frequently such as the camera or the photo gallery.

When you download an app on other phones, it usually goes on the app tray. But with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you get the best way to organize all the apps on the home screen. You are able to choose the option to ‘Show’ all apps on home screen to get rid of the problem of the app tray and also able to manage all the necessary apps on the home screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the Android 6.0.1 fresh out of the box, though the latest versions are liable to ship with the newly declared Android 7.0 Nougat. Samsung has overlaid its TouchWiz software with features that are not standard with the Android like EDGE Use, Smart Stay and more.

This smartphone is also here to help you to fix problems of charging as it offers immediate charging for faster use. It also provides wireless charging capabilities for additional convenience.

The fingerprint option on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of its best security features. You may use the fingerprint option to protect all your personal data. This way, the phone helps to keep your data secure.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also provides you a host of connectivity options necessary for communication, such as NFC as well as Bluetooth. One of the best things that this phone offers is that it brings back the microSD card after Samsung quietly omitted it on many other devices. Users are able to expand the storage space on their phone up to 200GB. After having this much large space, you can save many movies, videos, songs as well as pictures on your phone.

Designed with the Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and 16M colors, the screen of this phone is high quality and responsive. Additionally, it has been provided with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection for greater screen life. Because of this facility, the phone has an always-on display as well as a TouchWiz UI. Who can forget the curved edge screen that this baby has been designed with? The curved screen gives it a completely sleek and chic look.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the best phone among all the Samsung series phones because it has great features and one of the best designs. Some other cool features of the phone include the geo-tagging facility, the ability to take 4K videos as well as 9MP image recordings. There are also features of Auto HDR and panorama clicking.

There were various problems with the Galaxy S6 which are solved in this phone. You can gift this phone to your family, friends as well as your partner. The best price for this phone is around $800.

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