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4 smart ways to make minimalist dressing fun

October 15, 2018

4 smart ways to make minimalist dressing fun

Many fashion enthusiasts shy away from trying minimalism because they believe that minimalism is boring and it won’t give them an outlet to express their fashion. However, the truth is that minimalism is indeed a great way to showcase your personal style as there is not much going on it focuses on what needs attention.
If you are intrigued by minimalism and are planning to try out this women’s clothing trend, then here are few basic things that you need to know to rock the minimalism look:

Decide where you want them to look
Yes, minimalism gives you the luxury to decide where you want people to look at when they give a quick glance and check out your outfit. If you are wearing something plain, then you can simply pick some statement shoes, neck pieces, or earrings and make them the focus of the ensemble that you come up with.

Spice up the basics
Just because white shirts are classic and you find them in almost every woman’s closet does not necessarily mean that they are monotonous. You can always dress up your basics and stand out in the crowd. Are you confused how to it? It is quite simple. If you are going for a white shirt, then instead of just picking one from a mall rack, take the effort of getting one tailored according to your liking. So, when are you investing in classic women’s clothing pieces and giving them your own twist?

Invest in your accessories
Minimalism is all about buying less. Although the shopaholic in you is sad about it, the good news is that you get to invest in luxury women’s clothing pieces that will last you for years. So, buy handbags, watches, neck pieces, sunglasses, and other such fashion accessories of brands that are known for their superior quality. When you are picking the accessories make sure that you pick the ones that are versatile.

Play with the colors
Many people have a misconception that minimalism limits you to wear monochrome but that is far from true. So, don’t hesitate to buy flamboyant colors and style contrasting pieces together.

So, how are you planning to create your minimalist wardrobe?

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