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Grab the limelight with these trendy jewellery pieces

Grab the limelight with these trendy jewellery pieces

Beauty is a very subjective term, and like Keats said, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if people indulge themselves in things that make them feel beautiful. Getting a facial has its benefits, but what can make someone eternally and perpetually beautiful? So, what gives you the confidence to venture out of your house on a bad-hair day? Well, if you are wearing the latest star-studded ear cuffs, there is a high possibility that instead of looking at your frizzy hair, people would be admiring how brilliantly your ear cuffs shine. Thus, the answer to this dilemma is, your jewelry would always be there to rescue you in dire circumstances as these.

Your tendency to wear dazzling jewelry or the way you were crushing on Audrey Hepburn’s “tear-drops” earrings shouldn’t alarm you. Women always dote on their jewelry. However, similar to how changes affect almost every part of our life, our jewelry options too undergo a change. Since you are living in the year 2017, it would be advisable for you to update your jewelry box and fill it with the latest jewelry trends of 2017.

Here’s a list of the top trends that are currently governing the fashion realm.

Single earring- If you are the one who loves to go for an edgy look, then opt for single earring. You turn on any fashion channel, you might witness their top models flaunting a stunning single earring. Since you like breaking away from the established style statements, then a single earring that is either studded with pearls and has dangling chains around it or an earring with different colored feathers should do the trick.

Ear cuffs- Ear cuffs have become quite a raging trend among teenagers and adults alike. These ear cuffs are a designer’s favorite piece of jewelry, since they can be worn with almost any kind of clothes. These ear cuffs are available in different forms: with feathers, diamond studded, chains, beads, etc. you name it.

Choker necklaces- When one thinks of a choker, you immediately think of an edgy look coupled with black leather pants. Well, it’s not the case anymore. Choker necklaces are such pieces of jewelry that can mold the wearer’s personality as per their wishes. It is no longer the barbed-wire kind of jewelry, it comes in sophisticated laces and pendant patterns as well.

Multilayered chains- These chains never go out of style. The different layers of chain, with different charms attached to it can alter the simplest of the outfit into something gorgeous.

So, get your hands on any of these trendy jewelry and make a style statement!

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