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Three tips for choosing stylish plus size clothing

Three tips for choosing stylish plus size clothing

No matter what shape you are, flaunt what you got! Confidence is the only accessory you need irrespective of your figure or weight. A variety of options in plus size clothing are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. There are a variety of these retail stores as well as online merchants that offer a variety of plus-size clothes to choose from. However, with variety comes confusion. During such a dilemma, there are certain staple clothes that you can rely on.

Below are some plus size clothing options that can be your go-to.

The perfect fit
While many people assume that wearing loose and baggy clothes are great for women with fuller-figure, it rather does the opposite. Boxy and baggy clothes tend to maximize the shape of one’s body to its fullest potential. Hence, rather than opting for loose clothes, go for tailored pieces that look more structured and flatter your curves. Some of the popular tailored pieces you can opt for are straight-leg trousers, button-up shirts, structured single-button blazers, etc. When it comes to formal wear, a tailored suit that fits you perfectly will give you the comfort and look that you desire.

Step in the dark
When it comes to plus size clothing, one of the simplest clothes you can rely on are the dark-colored ones. Especially, the color black is known as the perfect slender coloring. So, when you are in doubt regarding what to purchase, any good black outfit is your go-to. Whether it is LBD, black jeans, a basic tee, or those tuxedo pants, you can simply never go wrong with black. Also, black is known to be one of the go-to colors for most women when they are confused about what to buy or even what to wear.

Focus on the cinched-in midsection
A cinched-in midsection always tends to look appealing and flattering irrespective of the figure. Choosing waist-cinching silhouettes enhances the appearance of one’s body and gives a more hourglass appeal to it. You can simply opt for outfits that are tight near the waist section to flatter your curves or you can enhance an outfit by simply adding a belt near your waist to give your figure more definition.

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