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Best credit cards to consider for small businesses

August 16, 2017

Best credit cards to consider for small businesses

Credit cards are a big boon to small businesses. Enabling a healthy cash flow, credit cards help to make large purchases by allowing businesses to borrow money for a particular time period without interest. Without having to carry physical cash which can be stolen more easily, credit cards offer flexibility and ease of transactions.

The lack of availability of personal savings, assets, bank loans or wealthy friends and family who can share their wealth for running your business leaves us with one option – credit cards.

Offering better terms and conditions for their usage, business credit cards are a good cushion to fall back on, for people with a small business. Their extended billing cycles, higher credit limits, discounted interest rates for repaying credit earlier than specified, allowing customers to combine reward points of multiple cards enabling them to utilize the benefits faster, free employee cards, privileged access to airport lounges, airline ticket discounts, discounts on restaurants and hotel stays for those whose business involves frequent traveling, cash back schemes and heaps of other profitable advantages should be considered while applying and owning credit cards for small businesses.

Different credit cards offered to small businesses by the largest credit card companies in the United States each have their features. A few examples of the credit cards offered are:

  • American Express SimplyCash Plus Business Credit Card
  • Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card
  • Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business
  • American Express OPEN Business Platinum Card
  • Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card and
  • American Express OPEN Business Gold Rewards Card

While for some of these credit cards, an annual fee is a must, others can be enjoyed without it. The cost per year, interest rates, billing cycle, transaction fees for overseas expenditure, late fees payable in the event of a delayed repayment, and the credit cards with the best business rewards, the best for large travel expenses, the one with the most cash back rewards, the most flexible credit card and other such aspects and benefits of each of these credit cards must also be considered before applying for one.

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