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Reasons to open a savings account

August 16, 2017

Reasons to open a savings account

The benefits of opening a savings account are one too many. Listed below are some of the reasons why you must open one soon.

  • Future: The foundation for a sound financial plan is to have a healthy savings account. A person can accumulate a large sum of money over an extended period and achieve success in all financial plans.
  • Emergencies: An emergency is an unforeseen circumstance, and it can be a threat to the financial position of a person. A savings account helps eliminate financial distress in times of emergency.
  • Financial stability: Having a savings bank account inculcates the habit of depositing in the account regularly. This provides a sense of financial stability.
  • Prevention of reckless spending: It is much easier to spend the money that is available at hand than to spend the money after withdrawing it. If your money is in a savings account, you will be forced to withdraw it to spend it. This reduces the amount of money you would spend.
  • Interest: Savings accounts grant interest. The value of interest is not always satisfactory, but you do get some returns from your investment. This works out better than storing the money at home or having it at hand, where you can spend it easily.
  • Big- ticket purchases: Sometimes, a person may not have enough money on hand to purchase a big-ticket item. In this case, the money in the savings account will increase slowly and will gradually suffice to make big-ticket purchases.
  • Inexpensive: A savings account can be opened with the balance of a mere $10, which means that opening a savings account is not an expensive procedure.
  • Sound financial habits: Creation of sound financial practices usually starts by opening a savings account. After a period, one may be financially literate to extend these healthy practices to the other spheres of their life. They may even go on to planning a budget and following simple steps to stay in line with the budget.

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