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Things you need to know about your income tax refund status

Things you need to know about your income tax refund status

If you have paid more taxes than you are liable to pay, the Federal Government will issue you a refund for the same. This mistake could happen when the employer deducts your taxes incorrectly. You are advised to check whether you are eligible for a refund or not. If you are, you will be issued a check for it within 21 days.

How to check the income tax refund status
Once you file the return, you may check whether it has been accepted or not. You may do this within 24 to 48 hours of filing your income tax return. If you have filed the return on time and are expecting a refund, you can check its status online. To check the income tax refund status, you need to have the social security number, the filing status, and the dollar amount of the refund at your disposal. You can use the online Where’s My Refund tool, as the system gets updated every 24 hours and is the easiest way to track your refund.

In addition to that, you can also call the IRS and check the income tax refund status over a phone call. You may have to wait for a longer duration to speak with a representative. You also have the option of using the automated phone system and following the prompts whenever you make the call.

The refund is issued within 21 days from the day you filed the tax return online, or within 42 days from the day you filed your paper returns. In case the refund has not been issued within these time frames, you need to investigate the reasons behind the delay.

Why is my refund not issued?
There are several reasons why you may not have received your income tax refund by the due date. One of the most common reasons for the IRS holding back the refund is the outstanding debt for the taxpayers. If you have an outstanding debt, the refund may not be issued to you until you make the payment for the entire amount outstanding.

You can easily check your income tax refund status online and contact a representative in case of any queries. Most refunds are issued on time and will be dispatched within 21 days from the date of filing of the return.

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