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Common questions answered about frozen corn used in recipes

Common questions answered about frozen corn used in recipes

The methods for freezing corn will mainly depend on the type of corn you are using, the recipe for which it is being used, among many factors to be considered. Two distinct ways include freezing corn after it has been cut off from the cob, blanched and cooked as opposed to freeing the entire corn cob without cutting the kernels.

The steps to preserve corn are quite simple. However, here are a few commonly asked questions on how to freeze corn answered for your reference.

Is it a good idea to freeze an entire corn cob?

There is no harm in freezing an entire corn cob. However there are a few drawbacks of doing the same. Since the corn cob will not be blanched at first, the end product to be used after it has been frozen can taste quite raw and mushy. The corn cob has to be left to thaw which will release all the water inside kernels making it mushy and not suitable to be used in a number of recipes. Also, it will be difficult to separate the kernels from the corn cob after freezing as opposed to the alternative methods.

Is there a different way to freeze sweet corn as opposed to freezing regular corn?

People always ask how to freeze corn and sweet corn in particular. Sweet corn tastes best when it has been blanched at first before freezing. Blanching will cook the corn on the cob, and the freezing process will help preserve flavors of the kernels to be later used in fresh recipes like salads or even salsa’s. Cooking the kernels before freezing will always ensure a fresh taste as the enzymes which destroy flavor are eliminated in the process.

For how long can blanched corn be stored in the refrigerator?

Processes for blanching and freezing corn are simple to follow. But the real question that arises apart from how to freeze corn would be for how long can corn be stored in the refrigerator thereafter. Ideally, it is advisable to store corn in a vacuum sealed pouch to be frozen to retain the texture, flavor, and color for that matter. You can seal a simple plastic bag by sucking out all the air using a straw, to be then stored in the fridge or the freezer. The corn will stay fresh for as long as you plan to store it.

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