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Simple diet meals that will keep you charged the entire day

April 30, 2020

Simple diet meals that will keep you charged the entire day

If you want to live a long and healthy life in the most effortless way, then setting your diet right is of utmost importance. You will see many people who set so many rigorous rules regarding their diet that they ultimately end up not following them. Just plan a simple diet meal and ensure it is not cholesterol-rich.

One way of doing this is to practice low-fat cooking? Low-fat cooking procedures are those, which will lower the saturated fat in your meal and also reduce calories. Achieving a reduced fat intake is possible in two ways firstly, learn low-fat cooking so that you can cut off your fat consumption by simple cooking methods and secondly, plan a balanced meal for yourself.

How is low-fat cooking done?
Always use a non-stick cooking utensil instead of layering one with butter or oil.
Chicken, which most of us love, contains the bulk of its fat in the skin. So stop consuming it and prefer skinless chicken breasts.
Slow-cooking and grilling are the new mantra. Microwave foods are far better than the fried ones, but are equally tasty with an additional advantage of being fat-free.
Before cooking, trim all the excess fat from the meat.
Vegetables can be equally delicious as the meats, if cooked in the right way. Don’t always depend on meat, instead consume beans, vegetables and whole grains.
Replace batter and coat your meat with breadcrumbs.

These are several other ways in which you can reduce the fat in your meals.

How to plan your simple diet meal?
With a routine multi-tasking and fast-paced lifestyle that we all have, junk foods have become a major part of our meals. But you need a proper meal plan, if you want stay fit. Here is a list of food items that are low in fat and must be included in your meal.

There is nothing better green and leafy vegetables, especially lettuce and spinach.
The one common thing that you will find in all meal plans is oatmeal. It’s the ideal food for your breakfast. You can consume it with fresh or frozen fruit to tingle your taste buds. By this, you will be already consuming 100 calories less than your previous diet.
If you don’t like oatmeal then you can have non-fat and no-sugar yogurt with some fresh fruits.
Egg white omelet can also be a part of your simple diet meal.
Replace your cooking oil with olive oil.
You can try white bean soup for your lunch along with some salad of your choice. Salad may include all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
If you are not so fond of soup, then you can try one ear of corn or a tuna sandwich, which can be topped with spinach.
For dinner, you can have steamed vegetables like asparagus and broccoli with some lemon juice. Have some berries in the end for dessert, but avoid ice-creams.

Following this meal plan will give you an outstanding result in a few weeks, but it would only work if you remain consistent regarding your meals.

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