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Smoothies for a healthier you

Smoothies for a healthier you

Low-fat cooking is a culinary niche that hits many targets at once. Not only is this a great way for those who are watching their weight and for those who want to steadily lose plenty of weight, but it is also a great approach to staying in shape and in the best of health. With the help of low-fat cooking, you will be busy using ingredients and techniques that keep your cholesterol in check even as the risk of falling prey to heart disease is eliminated to a great extent. Not only this – with low-fat cooking, you can also avoid a host of lifestyle diseases that primarily spring from wrong eating habits.

Making smoothies is a great way to inculcate low-fat cooking into your daily habits. You can easily get fresh nuts, fruit, yogurt and vegetables to create one meal smoothie, which can travel with you in a large cup. This can become your breakfast or even a snack when you are craving for an energy rush. Take your cue from these recipes for some healthy smoothies!

Bananas: This is one of the most preferred ingredients for smoothies. You can add bananas to any kind of smoothie with some side performances by ingredients like nuts, honey, and even grapefruit. You can combine these with yogurt and give your smoothies a toasted almond and oats topping. This will make for an energetic on-the-go meal, especially when you are dashing towards your workplace with little time to spare.

Berries: There are many kinds of berries that can be used for low-fat cooking, especially when it comes to smoothies. You can bring in mulberries, blueberries, strawberries and other such ingredients, which are perfect when it comes to giving your metabolism an obvious push. These can be blended with yogurt as well as bananas and other melon-like fruit. You can add a few leaves of kale to the concoction so that you get a dose of greens as well. Drizzle some honey and get ready for a yummy breakfast or snack time!

Peaches and mangoes: These juicy fruits are ideal for creating smoothies, which will fill your stomach well. You can try blending the peaches and mangoes into a pulp, which can be added to a bowl of yogurt and topped with a layer of your favorite cereal. Further, you can even add cashew nuts and raisins to make it the perfect snack, after you are done with a session at the gym.

Carrots and apples: These unlikely partners can come together for a delicious and filling smoothie. You can combine these two ingredients with some honey and yogurt as well as some baby spinach and arugula for a health kick like none other. Try this smoothie with a handful of almonds when the cravings for snacks kick in.

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