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Soups and their health benefits

Soups and their health benefits

Soups are a pot full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. Apart from offering a range of health benefits, soups are easy to prepare and stomach filling too. Whether it is a chilly winter evening or hot summer afternoon, there is a soup for every season and occasion. Here are some of the popular and delicious soups and the benefits they offer.

Gazpacho soup for reduced heart disease
Gazpacho is a type of soup that is prepared using raw vegetables. The specialty of this soup is that it is served cold and relished particularly during the hot summers. Gazpacho originated in the Southern Spanish region and extensively eaten in Portugal and Spain. It is recently observed that Gazpacho has health benefits and helps people who are suffering from hypertension and have a high risk of heart disease. This is mainly due to the presence of vegetables that are used to prepare the soup. Some of the main vegetables that are required to prepare this delicious soup are tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, cucumber, and garlic.

Chicken soup for a cold is the best
Chicken soups filled with vegetables and the right balance of seasoning and condiments are a perfect treat for any evening brunch. But it is also true that chicken soups have health benefits too. Due to the presence of nutrition-filled broth, which helps to rehydrate, chicken soups are considered when someone is having a cold or poor appetite. Chicken soup when prepared with loads of vegetables with the right amount of butter, garlic and seasoning, are not only one of the delicious soups but healthier too. If you are looking for quick soup recipes, then a clear chicken soup is the perfect pick for you.

Tomato soup for essential nutrients and antioxidants
A creamy tomato soup can not only be appetizing but also contains a number of health benefits. It can either be one of the homemade soup recipes or at your favorite restaurant, tomato soups provide essential minerals that keep you fit. Tomato soup contains vitamin K and calcium that can help get strong bones. On the other hand, tomato soup comes loaded with lycopene, which provides the bright color to a fruit. It is interesting to know that cooked tomatoes have high lycopene content than the raw ones and hence tomato soups are rich in lycopene. Lycopene helps in fighting chronic diseases including heart diseases and stroke.

Creamy broccoli soups are great for detoxification
Broccoli alkalizes your body and keeps the whole body less acidic, which has its own health benefits. Apart from this, broccoli is a high-fiber vegetable that helps in digestion maintains low blood glucose levels and prevents constipation. You can check out some of the homemade broccoli soup recipes that can be easily tried at home.

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