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Delicious slow cooker recipes for every kitchen!

Delicious slow cooker recipes for every kitchen!

Cooking healthy and delicious food should not cost you any extra time in the kitchen. But slow cooker dishes are flavorsome, healthy and do take a lot of time. There isn’t anything that can’t be cooked in a slow cooker. Right from dips, entrees to sauces and desserts, slow cooker recipes are all-encompassing. Read on to get some delightful and best slow cooker recipes that are a must in every kitchen and are an absolute delight.

Buffalo chicken meatballs
Buffalo wings are a classic appetizer but when you don’t have limited time in your hand, why not turn this classic dish into a slow cooker recipe for meatballs! You can also make these meatballs in the oven by baking them a little and then just before serving, quickly pop these into the slow cooker. This will help to soak in the flavors well. Sprinkle some blue cheese for the extra touch of deliciousness at the time of serving. If you don’t want to go with the traditional way of cooking the buffalo chicken, then you can give this a sure-shot try as a party appetizer or even a light dinner.

Mashed potato with a twist of garlic
One of the quickest and easy to make dishes, mashed potato can be served as a side dish with a steamy steak or can be eaten individually too. This is a simple and one of the best slow cooker recipes because all you have to do is put all the ingredients in the crock pot and you are ready to go. Put in a lot of cheese and garlic cloves with fresh herbs. Blend all of these together till you get the right texture of the mashed potato.

Dips of every flavor is a great add on
Creamy dips are always a show stopper whether for a game day or a house party. You can try preparing spinach and artichoke dips that are a classic for every dish or make corn and cheese dip with some extra spiciness. Add in cream cheese, jalapenos, and fresh herbs to get the right balance of flavors. These classic dips can either be relished with freshly fried chips or eaten with a spoon.
If you’re looking for some of the best slow cooker recipes, then try these classic ones that are easy to prepare and requires less cooking time.

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