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Trending puzzle genres

Trending puzzle genres

Technology has evolved leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to the evolution of classic games. Puzzles which have been around since their inception in 1760 by John Splisbury are now gaining popularity on the digital domain. With almost everyone going online or playing games on smart phones and tablet devices, puzzles have adapted themselves to suit the current trends.

Some of the best classic puzzle games are now trending on android and IOS platforms designed for smartphones and iPads. However, there are a number of genres which are more popular than the rest.

Action puzzle: The game is generally played in real time environment where the player is required to solve the puzzle with a time limit mostly. In case of a multiplayer game, players interact with each other on live chat whilst playing the game. Action and arcade puzzle games developed for smartphone platforms are in rising demand when compared to other genres. Actions games need good timing and accuracy to employ your skills to the full extent.

Picture puzzles: A very popular puzzle game which combines both your visual and logical skills to identify certain hidden objects within a picture frame. The picture is very detailed and attention to detail is what helps you to solve the picture puzzle and also within the stipulated time limit.

Physics puzzle games: Physics puzzle games are the ones which use realistic physics to make the game more interesting and interactive for the user. Educators have used a number of physics games to demonstrate certain principles of physics as well.

Tile matching puzzle game: Probably one of the most popular and long running puzzle games of all time. the tile game is based on a very simple concept of arranging falling tiles in the simulator to make them fit together. Tile games require thinking a number of moves ahead before the actual pieces can match together and form the desired pattern.

Brain teaser puzzles: Traditional adaptations of classic and popular games are in demand. Also, a number of brain teaser games designed to test your ability to think and reason under pressure and time limit are gaining hits.

There are a number of game genres which are gaining popularity after classical versions of the game have been developed for smartphone operation systems and tablet systems since more and more people are going digital.

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