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5 common causes of sores on the side of the tongue

5 common causes of sores on the side of the tongue

Although small, the tongue plays a substantial role in the normal functioning of your everyday life. Not just enjoying your meals, a healthy tongue is necessary in order for one to have a clear speech. The tongue’s color and texture can denote a lot about the health of the overall body. And while an injury or thrust on the tongue may not seem like a very big problem, we will admit to it being extremely painful and inconvenient.

A sore on the side of the tongue can bother one when eating and speaking, but in most cases does not indicate a very serious problem. There are several causes that can trigger the eruption of blisters or tongue canker sore and here are some of the most common reasons:

Smoking – Smoking is not only bad for the lungs but can traumatize the tongue too. The habit of smoking tobacco and any other substances puts the tongue at the risk of developing sores and blisters over time. On the other side, if an individual has been smoking for a very long period, quitting smoking too can lead to sore on the side of the tongue.

Medications – Certain medications may not go down too well with your tongue. Anti-inflammatory drugs especially can have side-effects and commonly show up as sores on the side of the tongue. Also, there are mouthwashes that can cause irritation around the tongue and further lead to the formation of blisters or thrust.

Injury – Injuries such as biting down on the tongue when chewing can be extremely painful. If there is a wound that is formed on the surface, the tongue becomes sore and there is difficulty while chewing and speaking. Also, in case one has consumed something very hot, blisters are likely to form instantly and send down severe pain. However, this soreness decrease after a few days.

Infections – Developing infections on the tongue is very common. These infections lead to white or red bumps forming on the surface of the tongue and thus affects your taste buds. Although these are painful they do clear up completely after a few days or weeks.

Food sensitivity – The tongue may be sensitive to some kinds of food that make the side of the tongue sore. While the condition for some people may be caused by vegetables, others may experience this sensitivity and soreness by eating nuts. This allergy is likely to be seen in younger adults or kids. An itchy throat, swollen tongue and lips too are associated with food sensitivity.

There are several natural remedies for thrust and sores that you can perform at home. However, if the condition gets worst, do visit the doctor and undergo thrust treatment.

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