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Back Pain in the Right Side – Causes and Treatments

Back Pain in the Right Side – Causes and Treatments

Lower back pain is a common phenomenon. People over the world suffer from some form of back pain that could be caused due to various reasons such as sitting or standing in one place for extended periods of time, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, and so on. At times, pain in the lower back region may be caused due to muscle pain, while at other times, the pain has no relation with the muscles at all. It is a common misconception that the organs located in the front of the body cannot relay pain to the back. When you experience pain in an organ, such as the intestines or the appendix, the pain could affect one of the ligaments or tissues that share a nerve ending in the lower right side of your back. Read on to know more about the causes and treatment options for pain in the right side of the back.

Causes of pain in the right side of the back

  • Back muscle or spinal issues – According to studies, one in four Americans suffer from lower back problems at some point in their lives. Due to improper posture or standing or sitting for prolonged periods, back pain can occur.
  • Kidney problems – Kidney stones and kidney infections could lead to back pain in the right side.
  • Appendicitis In this condition, the appendix begins to swell. The areas around the appendix become tender and may pain on touching it. The pain could also radiate to the back.
  • Endometriosis – This is a condition that commonly affects women and may result in pain in the right side of the back.
  • Pregnancy – Back pain in the lower right side of the body is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. It can be treated with ease by taking warm baths, gentle stretching, and massaging the affected area.

Treatment options for pain in the right side of the back

  • Apply ice or a cold compression to the affected area for around 20 minutes at a time. Repeat this every 2–3 hours.
  • Drink enough water on a daily basis to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.
  • Medications may help as well; however, do consult a doctor before taking any medications.
  • Stretch the muscles in the affected areas gently.

Most cases of pain in the right side of the back do not classify as medical emergencies. However, do not hesitate to get immediate medical assistance if you are experiencing intense pain that is interfering with your daily routine, sudden and severe pain at regular intervals, or intense pain which is accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, fever, nausea, and incontinence. Taking immediate action is extremely important in such cases.

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