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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator – What you need to know

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator – What you need to know

Body mass index is an approximate index that tells if a person is at a healthy body weight. So what is BMI calculator? A BMI calculator combines the height and body weight to give a number. This number is the body mass index. There are BMI calculators that can be used online as well. It draws comparisons and predicts the right weight as well. Some calculators also take in details like age, waist size and calories consumed.

BMI is used by doctors and health professionals worldwide to know if a person has a healthy weight. Keeping a healthy body weight is vital to every aspect of well-being. It helps you avoid serious health problems including cardiovascular ailments and type 2 diabetes.

Calculating Body Mass Index
It is just another way of checking if you are at a healthy weight. The body mass index is obtained by dividing the weight by the height. The weight is taken in kilograms and the height is in meters. BMI calculators are available on the Internet. Enter your height, weight, gender, and age, and the calculator will tell if you’re healthy or not. In general, the BMI index you obtain is compared with these ranges.

  • <18.5 – underweight
  • 18.5-24.9 – normal
  • 24.0-30.00 – overweight
  • >30.0 – obese

If you’re obese or underweight, consult a doctor immediately before things go out of hand. People who come under these categories can make minor changes to their diet and lifestyle.

The importance of measuring body mass index
The body mass index indicates the health of your body based on the amount of excess body fat. If you have a high BMI, then you are more prone to diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Also, patients with high BMI are more susceptible to heart diseases.

The BMI score only indicates the status of health. Upon further analysis, it will determine if a change in lifestyle or medical help is needed. However, the BMI is simply a basic scale that takes the weight and the height into account. It does not include the muscle build in the body. It may even show a muscular person to be overweight.

BMI gained popularity since it is an easy method to measure and identify the optimal body weight. BMI calculator will show you if you’re overweight, underweight, or obese. BMI is trusted by doctors and medical professionals. However, if you are calculating your BMI yourself, make sure you talk to a doctor before making any drastic changes. Based on your BMI, a doctor will prepare a diet and exercise chart that you can follow to become healthy. Don’t make any dramatic changes in your lifestyle, without consulting a doctor.

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