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Home remedies for ear infections

Home remedies for ear infections

Ear infections occur more often in children than in adults. It is a result of virus or bacteria action in the middle part of the ear. It can be a painful experience if you ignore the initial signs and symptoms. The sharp and throbbing pain in the ear can spread to your jaw and neck and cause discomfort.

Here’s everything you needed to know about ear infections and ways to treat it effectively.

What Causes Ear Infection?
The ear infection happens in the middle ear only. There are many reasons leading to viral and bacterial infection in the ear. Some of the common causes are:
– Wax build-up inside the ear
– Allergy to certain food products
– Lack of adequate nutrition in the body
– Environmental factors like air pollution, allergy, dust, and dirt
– Genes
– Any injury leading to damage in the ear

Why It Is Important To Treat In-time?
Ear infection can lead to unbearable pain. Ear happens to be one of the most sensitive organs of your body. If left untreated for a long time, it can lead to serious health complications. Eardrum damage, partial hearing loss, and complete deafness are the distant possibilities.

Easy Home Care Remedies For Ear Infections
There are many home-based remedies which keep ear infections in check. They are safe to use on children as well. Antibiotics come with side effects and should be avoided:
– Pure onion juice used as ear drops is really effective for treating ear infection
– You can also apply olive oil in the infected ear
– Keep garlic cloves in water and add salt to crushed garlic after 5 minutes. Wrap it in a cloth and put it inside the affected part of the ear to get relief.
– Put salt in one cup and heat it for 1 minute. Wrap the warm salt in cloth and use it to give steam to the infected ear.
– Crush basil leaves to form a paste and apply it on the infected ear.
– Apply ginger oil on the infected part to reduce the symptoms.
– Try these easy home remedies for ear infections to get relief and get rid of the infection.

Preventing Ear Infections
Once the infection is cured, do the following to keep the infection away:
– Drink plenty of water every day
– Wear a scarf to protect your ears when you step outside home every time
– Chew on a gum now and then as it helps in exercising your ear muscles
– Have probiotics as a natural part of your diet
– Breastfeed your baby to prevent the onset of a ear infection

All these will ensure that your ear stays healthy and free from germs.

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