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Home remedies to treat nose bleeds

Home remedies to treat nose bleeds

Nosebleeds are very common among both children and adults alike. Although it may raise a scary alarm, they do not indicate a serious health issue. The main reason behind the nose bleeding is some kind of injury to the nasal area. The blood vessels in the nose break causing blood to flow from the nose.

There are two kinds of nose bleeds that can occur. One is anterior nosebleeds that is caused by the bleeding of the blood vessel in the front of the nose. This type of nosebleed is very common and can be treated at home. The other type of nosebleeds are the posterior nosebleeds that is caused by bleeding from an artery at the back of the nose. These kind of nosebleeds are uncommon and may be severe, thereby needing medical intervention.

The are different causes of nose bleeding including high blood pressure, blood-thinning medicines, hard nose-blowing, dry skin inside the nose, etc. These causes and the symptoms should be detected and can then be treated with the following home remedies –

Cold compress: If you experience nosebleeds many a time, a cold compress made of ice can help in constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow. All you have to do is apply an ice pack on the bridge of the nose for a few minutes. This will also reduce inflammation inside the nose if any.

Steam: Your nasal membranes can turn dry due to low humidity levels. Inhaling steam from time to time is a great way of keeping the nasal membranes moist at all times. Inhale steam for up to 5 minutes and this should do the trick.

Avoiding smoking: Smoking is injurious to health and can be a cause behind nose bleeding too. The smoke exhaled leads to drying the skin of the inside of the nose. The further leads to causing irritation and itchiness in the nasal area.

Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is a great home remedy and can keep your nose from bleeding too. Apply this jelly on the inner linings of your nostrils and let it stay. This will keep the nasal passage moisturize and soothe the dry walls of the nose.

Vitamin C: Consumer foods that are rich in vitamin C on a daily basis. Apart from being beneficial in fighting the cold, an abundance of this vitamin can strengthen the walls of the capillary and keeps the lining of the nostrils moist.

Pinch and press: This technique will quickly stop the flow of blood. All you have to do is apply pressure to the soft region of the nose with the help of your thumb and index finger. Tilt you head forward and continue this process a few times.

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