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Ways to treat a concussion

April 30, 2020

Ways to treat a concussion

A concussion, typically, occurs when brain hits your skull. Your brain is a soft organ that is surrounded by spinal fluid, which acts as a cushion against the skull. The skull is the hard-outer layer that protects your brain from injuries. When you hit your head on something or acquire an injury, your brain could slide and bang against your skull, this is what usually causes a concussion. You cannot tell if someone is having a concussion, as there are no particular symptoms that define a concussion. Treating a concussion can be tricky, here is how to treat a concussion in the initial stages:

  • Concussion is a condition related to the brain and must not be taken lightly. An unqualified individual might not know how to treat a concussion; hence it is important to see a doctor and get their advice on the matter.
  • The doctor might advise you to get admitted in the hospital for a couple of day, under their examination. You can also be sent home in some cases, but you will still need someone to keep a tab on you and take care of you.

The severity of a concussion can differ from person to person, some people recover quickly, while some might take a little longer. No matter which category you fall in, here are some basic tips on how to treat a concussion:

  • Get more than adequate sleep in the nights, try to slip on a 10-hour sleep and do not indulge in any tedious activity during the day.
  • Avoid intake of alcohol or any other drugs.
  • Best way to treat a concussion is by sticking to the medicines prescribed by the doctor; do not take any other medicines with their guidance or knowledge.
  • Activities that are physically and mentally draining should not be a part of your routine. You need to keep away from school work, homework, exercise, office, computers and texting/video games. You might also want to change your schedule while you are treating a concussion.
  • Do not drive a car/bike, or operate a machine. This is now how one can treat a concussion. If in case you wish to drive, you must ask your doctor as to when you can start driving again.
  • You can use and ice or cold pack to treat on your head, to soothe the swelling. Place a thin layer of cloth between your head and the ice pack.

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