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What to expect from drug rehab centers

April 30, 2020

What to expect from drug rehab centers

Addiction is a terrible thing for any individual and getting rid of it requires incredible efforts from the afflicted. While detoxification is important for the patient, more important is how he/ she copes with a changed set of circumstances. In this article, we will look at some of the best drug rehabilitation centers in California. These centers have been rated as per several criteria such as amenities, customer experience, friendliness of the staff, capability of the staff and of course the rate of treatment success.

Journey Malibu, Malibu, CA- This facility is a non-12-step drug rehab center and has several interesting features like equine therapy, holistic rehab, creative arts rehab and confidential rehab. While Malibu is an expensive place to be in, treatment in this drug rehabilitation center is covered under medical insurance. Financing is also available to you should you opt for a treatment here. Journey Malibu also offers outpatient services to patients who complete their 90 days’ session in this facility.

Hoag Recovery Center, Irvine, CA- This is one of those drug rehabilitation centers in California that offer a professional and intensive rehab experience. The detoxification process is monitored closely by a set of specialists. The team of rehab experts at Hoag has vast experience and deploys the state of the art technology for the rehab process. The detox and rehab program administered here ensures minimal disruption in your life. Added features are a day school and a sober living room. This facility is pet-friendly.

The Hills, Los Angeles, CA- This rehab program is a gated community and is spread over three and a half acres of land. You can opt for a private detox program, individual therapy and educational service. This facility was started by Dr. Howard C. Samuels.

Soba Recovery Center, Malibu, CA- The staff of this speciality clinic understands that every individual took to drugs in unique circumstances. At the time of admission, the therapists try to understand the social, cultural, environmental and familial backgrounds of the patient. Each patient is treated differently. There is a low patient-therapist ratio, therefore, the treatment here is highly personalized.

Promises, Malibu, CA- Though it is a private, gated community, the therapists here are clear that their patients come to Promises for a complete rehab. Patients who have been treated by the Promises staff have some great things to say about this facility.

Beacon house, Pacific Grove, CA- This facility is located on the coast of Northern California. The cornerstone of this drug rehab center is life beyond addiction’. The staff does much more than detoxification. It provides you a lifetime of support and focuses upon complete rehab of the patient.

Serenity New Life, Orange, CA- This facility promises to cure you of most kinds of substance abuse. It treats patients through equine therapy, anger management, life and coping skills, relaxation, relapse management etc. The specialists tackle the addiction from its roots in a scientific way by mapping the flow of blood through a process called SPECT imaging.

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