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4 treatments for bulging discs

September 7, 2017

4 treatments for bulging discs

A bulging disc is a disc herniation which happens when a damaged disc swells up within the crevices or space between two discs in the spinal cord. The disc leaves its normal position and shifts out of place, which leads to a leakage of the inner nucleus, thus causing a herniation. To carry out a bulging disc treatment, there are some methods that one can look for. Here are some of them.

Taking the right medication
For a bulging disc treatment, medication is essential, prescribed by a doctor. The medicines may include non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs also known as NSAIDs. Also, the doctor may prescribe pain killers and muscle relaxants for standard cases, while steroids and injections may also be administered for chronic cases.

A word about tuning the spine
Carried out by a chiropractor, this kind of a bulging disc treatment will render pain relief even as it protects the spine from further damage.

Opt for physiotherapy
It is important to get some or the other form of exercise coupled with massage so that the area is soothed and stretched at the same time, for better pain relief. Physiotherapy should ideally be conducted by a physiotherapist who will guide you through the motions so that you practice the same correctly. If you get the posture wrong, then you may end up with further injury and pain.

Sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours
For a bulging disc treatment, you will need to sleep with a pillow under your knees for better support and elevation. Also, you can try sleeping on a reeling chair or bed, as this will keep the pressure off the back.

You will need to take conservative measures to bring in tweaks within your daily routine to manage and treat a bulging disc problem. Keep these nuggets of information handy while looking for bulging disc treatments.

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