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5 beauty products that can give you armpit rash

August 17, 2017

5 beauty products that can give you armpit rash

Human body sustains exposure to various types of substances. Some of these can cause disturbances to the system as the body can react to the presence of even a few molecules of a specific substance that can be a potential irritant or an allergen.

Underarms are a common area where rashes occur due to the use of certain products or chemicals. Underarm rash treatment involves the use of home remedies and certain medications that help to treat the affected areas.

Due to the chemicals in the perfume or deodorant coming in contact with the skin, localized inflammation can be a common problem. Redness of the skin or rash is a usual symptom. Underarm rash treatment involves avoiding the persistent use of perfumes or deodorants, particularly for people who are allergic to such products. While initially the skin can be swollen and raised, with time it can become dry and rough to touch.

Soaps contain acids and alkaline materials. Their usage on sensitive underarm areas can result in rashes. Itching is a common symptom and can be severe in the case of allergic dermatitis. A red or patchy rash results from the use of chemical-based soap on the underarm area.

Redness of kin is probably one of the most common symptoms that can occur when the skin comes in contact with an irritant. Talcum powder is known to clogs up the pores, preventing your armpit sweat from evaporating. This can make existing rashes worse or even cause new ones.

Fabric Softeners
Fabric softeners can leave your underarm pits dry and painful with rashes. These chemical-based substances can have adverse effects on sensitive skin. Irritation may take some days to surface. Rashes may have red bumps that may form moist, weeping blisters and the skin may become scaly, raw, or thick.

Underarm Whitening Creams
The cosmetic market is flooded with products that claim that they can whiten your armpits. But these products can cause mild to severe rashes. A common ingredient in underarm whitening creams is steroids. This can be the main cause of armpit rash.

It is important to guard yourself against these five beauty products if you want to avoid going through any underarm rash treatment.

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