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5 warning signs of stomach cancer

5 warning signs of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is one of the most uncommon cancer types, with symptoms that can either be vague or easily mistaken for other conditions. Persistent indigestion, feeling sick, and constant pain in the stomach are some stomach cancer symptoms that can be mistaken for some other problems. Therefore, it is important for you to watch out for these signs carefully and consult a doctor immediately if the condition seems unbearable.

  1. Blood in vomit or stool
    There are certain diseases that can cause bloody vomit or stool, like Crohn’s disease and colitis, but it might also be a symptom of cancer. Bloody vomit or stool should be taken seriously if it occurs more than twice during the day or in a time span of two or three days. Visiting a doctor immediately is necessary especially if the blood in your stool looks tarry black or maroon. In case of stomach cancer, the blood in your vomit would be bright red and have a coffee ground texture.
  2. Instant loss of appetite
    The food does not appear appealing even though you are hungry and sit down to eat. This means that your stomach gets filled instantly and this early satiety might be considered one of the most mistaken stomach cancer symptoms.
  3. Gnawing or stomach pain
    Persistent pain in the stomach might be one of the most common stomach cancer symptoms. There are many people who do not pay attention to this pain by considering it to be a regular problem. For the ones who do not know, the stomach pain associated with cancer comes with a gnawing feeling. This means that you do not experience excruciating pain, but the pain is subtle and dull while being constant. It is also worth noting that pain related to stomach cancer would be right in the middle of your stomach.
  4. Unwanted weight loss
    Rapid and sudden weight loss should be taken seriously, especially if you have not made any changes in your diet or you have not tried to lose weight recently. It is important for you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  5. Chronic heartburn
    Heartburn is a regular trouble for many people, which is the reason for it not being suspected to be a sign of stomach cancer. However, chronic cases of indigestion and heartburn that do not go away even after a very long span of time might be early signs of stomach cancer.

If you have any of these stomach cancer symptoms, it is always essential for you to seek medical attention immediately.

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