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5 natural ways to curb IBS symptoms

August 21, 2017

5 natural ways to curb IBS symptoms

With almost around 15% of the total adult population suffering from irritable bowel syndrome in the USA, finding a cure to this has become important. People who fail to derive any benefit from the traditional medications or suffer from their side effects, choose to deal with IBS symptoms naturally. The natural way to cure IBS involves taking certain steps to alter one’s lifestyle. Here’s more.

  • Minimize the junk food intake
    One of the best ways of dealing with the upsetting IBS symptoms is putting a stop to the regular intake of spicy and junk food items. Fatty food items cause the large intestine to contract, leading to abdominal pain and risks of diarrhea.
  • Eat small meals
    Instead of gorging food in large amounts few times a day, if one has smaller meals after every few hours, avoiding the IBS symptoms is quite possible. Eating too much at once not only leads to over stimulating the stomach but also swallowing of the air and less chewing of the food, which eventually results in intestinal gas problems.
  • Include gut-friendly foods
    While the fermented food items like kefir or yogurt are known to be great sources of healthy bacteria, fruits, beans, oats are considered to be a great source of fiber. And both the fiber as well as the probiotics play a crucial part in maintaining the good health and immunity strength of the intestines.
  • Exercise regularly
    Regular exercise has more advantages to offer to one’s health than one can imagine. Exercise like walking or a workout session of even 30 minutes can help in the release of endorphins hormones which are essential for the digestive system to work smoothly.
  • Say no to stress
    In the majority of cases, it is often unnecessary stress and anxiety that triggers the IBS symptoms. Therefore, the better one can learn to manage his stress and anxiety, the better will get the health for the intestines. De-stressing and relaxing is essential for staying away from developing serious IBS conditions.

The IBS symptoms are not only uncomfortable but sometimes become extremely embarrassing too. Therefore, if conventional medicine fails to show any promising effects, trying the above mentioned natural remedies can be one’s best way of dealing with the discomforts, caused by IBS.

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