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4 effective ways to prevent an onslaught of shingles

August 16, 2017

4 effective ways to prevent an onslaught of shingles

Caused by the varicella-zoster virus, shingles is a condition which exhibits small rashes or blisters that are painful and occurs after an attack from the chicken pox virus. The virus that causes this ailment is contagious. However, one can combat it through proper shingles medication.

The infectious nature
This illness can spread through direct contact with liquid from the tiny blisters that occurs with the disease. One can’t get shingles from nasal secretions or contact with saliva from of an individual who is infected. The person is safe from the ailment even if someone sneezes or coughs around them. When a person is infected with shingles, before shingles treatments are administered, they firstly undergo an itching sensation in the skin with numbness typically on a particular side of the body.

Transmittable durations
After 3 to 4 days, clumps of small, blisters filled with pus appears. Red skin will surround these, but shingles medication can soothe it. The blisters and rashes frequently continue to surface up for 5 to 6 days. During this tenure, the person is a potential bearer of the virus and is contagious. If another individual is in direct contact with the rashes, they can get the virus and fall sick. The transmission of the virus only takes place through firsthand contact with the rashes, and you may have chicken pox, if not infected by the virus yet.

Ways to prevent viral contamination

  • Cut off exposure – Apart from having shingles medicine, keep the shingles blisters covered and clean. This helps to avoid passing the virus through contact.
  • Hygiene – Wash and keep yourself clean, especially the hands. You need to sanitize them frequently.
  • Susceptible to weaker immune – Individuals who have weak immune systems, for instance, with HIV infection or those undergoing chemotherapy, are in a vulnerable phase.
  • Keep pregnant women away from an infected person- The herpes-zoster virus can cause a severe health hazard for both the mother and the child, causing illnesses like pneumonia. It is better to keep them away from people with this virus and also administer shingles medication to the affected.

Treatments for shingles can only manage the disease and not cure it fully. So following the above preventive measures can help you a lot.

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