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9 benefits of assisted living you should know

August 14, 2017

9 benefits of assisted living you should know

The mere thought of moving into an assisted living facility can be scary for a senior. After all, it is a new way of life away from family and friends, and the fears are warranted. But if you do your research, you will know about the many benefits associated with assisted living; a life of loneliness at such homes is nothing but a misconception.

Check out the following benefits of assisted living.

  • Safety: One of the top benefits of assisted living is that seniors have round-the-clock safety and security. And also, if the residents require any help or medical assistance at night, it is available for them.
  • Medical Care: If residents require any physical therapy, it can be arranged for them at assisted living homes. Also, there are people to give them medicines on time.
  • Assistance: Often, it can be painful for a senior to complete simple tasks. When they live in assisted living homes, there is help available for them. They don’t need to worry about not being able to dress, bathe and carry out other basic needs.
  • Healthy Meals: During old age, appetites can diminish. Also, preparing daily meals can be difficult. At assisted living facilities, residents get nutritious meals on time keeping in mind specific health needs of some residents.
  • Socialization: Loneliness can be a big problem during old age. At assisted living homes, there are ample opportunities for socialization with other residents. Family and friends can also visit the residents.
  • Mental stimulation: At assisted living facilities, elders have many opportunities to learn new courses and classes that are available to them. Residents can opt for computer lessons, read in the library, or take up art courses.
  • Physical activities: There are many options for safe physical activities that residents can choose to do. Some facilities also provide personal trainers for specific exercises.
  • Transportation: During old age, driving can become problematic and risky. For assisted living residents, transportation is available as needed, for shopping trips or medical appointments.
  • Ease of life: Seniors don’t have to worry about chores or their health. With the right assisted living facility, elders can continue to live a healthy and happy life.

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