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Risk factors and preventive measures of metastatic mouth cancer

Risk factors and preventive measures of metastatic mouth cancer

Mouth cancer is a result of cells growing out of control on the surface of common areas that include your lips, gums, tongue, the inner lining of the cheeks, roof, and floor of the month. Cancer occurs due to certain mutations in healthy body cells, causing them to rapidly multiply and allow cancer to grow.

These changes in the DNA of healthy cells in your mouth lead to mouth cancer or oral cancer and cavity. Due to metastasis, the cancerous cells spread to nearby body parts and organs through the circulatory systems and lymph nodes.

Once cancer has achieved metastasis, treatment options are often futile and offer poor results as the cells rapidly grow out of control, not allowing healthy cells to rejuvenate in time. The survival rate is also low in advanced stages when metastasis is severe. Metastatic mouth cancer is a condition in which the malignant cells spread and destroy healthy cells inside the mouth, neck or your head.

It is unclear as to what causes the mutation in healthy living cells that leads to a developing metastatic mouth cancer condition. The diagnosis in most cases is late, and your chances of survival are severely affected.

Risk factors that increase the chances of developing cancer

  • Mutation can normally be a result of a weak immune system as your body is unable to monitor and control the rapid growth of unhealthy cells
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can also cause the cancerous cells to develop rapidly, mainly affecting your lips
  • Smoking and alcohol are habits can accelerate the growth of unhealthy cells and increase the risk of cancer

Here are a few ways to reduce the risk of developing metastatic mouth cancer

Routine dental checkup
A dental checkup is not only reserved for your pearly whites. Ask your dentist to perform a complete oral examination to identify any abnormalities that might indicate a developing cancer condition. Lumps, excess muscle tissue growth, discoloration, and sudden shifting of teeth are among some of the primary indicators.

Consume alcohol in moderation
Can’t kick the habit? Then consume alcohol in moderation. Limit the number of drinks to one a day if you are an excessive drinker. For women, you must limit your alcohol intake to a maximum of two per day.

Stop chewing and smoking tobacco
Tobacco contains cancer-causing chemicals that can aggravate the condition further by regular chewing. If you are in the habit of smoking, you must reduce the number of cigarettes per day to fall out of habit eventually.

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