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Here are a few causes and treatment options of hemophilia

August 16, 2017

Here are a few causes and treatment options of hemophilia

If an individual is affected by hemophilia, then it means that the affected person’s blood does not have the capability of clotting normally. In simpler words, the body is unable to stop bleeding, both inside as well as outside. If you or anyone you know has hemophilia, treatment options, including hemophilia treatment from the comfort of your home, are available.

Before gathering information on hemophilia treatment, you must know its causes.

A few causes of hemophilia:

  • The most common type of hemophilia is hemophilia A, and particularly this type comes from an affected individual’s genes. You may inherit this disorder from any of your parents.
  • Another cause of hemophilia is a genetic change that occurs before birth. This is commonly known as spontaneous mutation.
  • Hemophilia A also has another form that is rare, which is not inherited but is equally life-threatening. The cause of this rare form might have relation with cancer, pregnancy or usage of certain medicines.

Before knowing more about its treatment, hemophilia affected patients must have an idea about the symptoms. The warning signs include excessive bleeding from very small injuries, the presence of blood in stool, bleeding from the nose for no specific reasons, large bruises, etc.

Facts about hemophilia treatment:

  • The first and foremost option recommended by most physicians is replacement therapy. This is applicable for all types of hemophilia including the treatment of hemophilia B. The main motive of this treatment is to supply factor VIII into the affected person’s body as the body lacks this factor. Though it is not at all the perfect cure, yet it helps in controlling this blood disorder. This therapy is applicable in maximum cases, but there is a 20% chance that the affected person’s body might reject this therapy. If such a situation arises, then physicians try other sources of factor VIII and in different amounts.
  • Certain drugs also assist in controlling bleeding in both children above 12 years and adults. At times, oral medications are combined with replacement therapy, so that blood clots do not break down.

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