Important dementia care – Some do’s and don’ts you should know

Dementia care is challenging especially when the patients are in the mid-to-late stages. The mood swings and behavioral problems makes it difficult not only for the patients but also their loved ones. Assisted living dementia care is increasingly growing in popularity as the preferred method to care for these patients, as the specialists and trained professionals in these facilities can manage and look after patients much better.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dementia Care
Talking about the do’s and don’ts of dementia care together would be a good idea, as it would help understand them better.

Dealing with the Behaviour
Don’ts: Aggression and confusion are common in dementia. Continued arguments or unclear instructions can also be frustrating to the patients. It would be advisable to keep calm and handle them with patience.

Do’s: Let them express their emotions and show that things are okay and the situation is under control. Help them relax post a meltdown. It would boost the confidence of dementia patients to reassure them that they have not done anything wrong

Helping Remember
Don’ts: Don’t get irritated or angry when they repeatedly ask the same things. Don’t assume they would know it if you said it once.

Do’s: Introduce yourself every time you meet them, not as a serious way but just to help them remember names and events. Let them talk and express, assist them to recognize certain situations. Repeat various incidents and situations to help them keep it in mind.

Don’ts: Never make them dependent and hurry up on things to save your time. Being dependent is hard for patients and their caregivers. Showing them how dependent they can affect their mind.

Do’s: Let them be as independent as possible but stay around. If you feel that your job doesn’t allow you to have this much time, dementia care homes may be a good idea. Assisted living dementia care is popular for this very reason as they help patients to do things on their own.

Assisted living dementia care would be an option to consider for your loved ones with dementia. With trained professionals and round the clock help available, assisted living dementia care would ensure that your loved one is being taken take off in the best possible manner.

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