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The role of Xiidra for dry eye relief

September 8, 2017

The role of Xiidra for dry eye relief

Day by day, the number of people who suffer from dry eye syndrome is increasing. And the reasons behind this can be various. Be it due to the constant exposure to computer screens or the certain old age; dry eyes are common. There are effective eye medications available that can help in curing the symptoms. One of such medications is the Xiidra, an eyedrop that offers relief from the dry eye.

What is Xiidra?
Xiidra is the latest addition to the list of eye medications for treating dry eyes. It is a new class of drugs approved by the FDA. With almost 30 million people suffering from dry eyes in the USA alone, the introduction of Xiidra is surely a relief. A completely preservative-free eye drop solution, made with lif-teg Rast 5% ophthalmic, Xiidra comes in dosed BID and individual vials.

How Xiidra works?
The Xiidra dry eyes medication works by influencing the T cells of the body’s immune system. It blocks a certain kind of protein on the cells’ surface in the human body, which can be responsible for preventing your eyes from producing enough and quality tears for necessary lubrication of the eyes. Thus, Xiidra helps in reducing the inflammation in the eyes, caused by dry eyes syndrome.

Why choose Xiidra?
Among the various reasons behind choosing Xiidra, the primary one is the fact that it works perfectly on the dry eyes, better than the traditional eye medications. It also works fine for treating both the signs as well as the symptoms of dry eyes. However, one must consult with the doctor regarding the dosage and the eye condition, before applying this medication. Despite being an effective eye drop, it may have a few side effects. Hence, one must use it under medical supervision.

Dry eyes not only can become a serious threat to the vision if left untreated for long, but also make one’s life miserable, no matter how mild it is. Though latest medications like Xiidra may seem expensive compared to other traditional eye drops, it might well be considering the results of such eye medications.

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