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Early symptoms of brain tumor that you should know

Early symptoms of brain tumor that you should know

The symptoms of a brain tumor depend essentially on the location of the tumor in the body. To understand this, let’s take an example, if there is a tumor close to the brain, which controls limb movements or vision, then weakness in the limbs or hazy eyesight will be a symptom. The symptoms can be specific or general. Specific symptoms may show their presence when a specific part of the brain is not functioning well. On the contrary, general symptoms may be caused when the tumor makes its presence felt by applying pressure to the brain or the spinal cord. It must be noted that every cell in the brain can grow a tumor.

The brain is the command center of the body and when it comes to the brain tumor, early symptoms may cover almost everything. However, here is a list of certain symptoms which are more common than the others.

  • Seizures
    In case of a brain tumor, early symptoms may comprise seizures. Tumors affect the neurons of the brain, making them uncontrollable and hyperactive. This leads to abnormal movements. Seizures or convulsions could be in the form of jerking movements in the whole body or in one part of the face or limb.
  • Clumsiness
    The tumor can affect certain areas of the brain concerned with motor functions. Problems like incoherent speaking, difficulty in swallowing, body imbalance, an absence of coordination in movement, grappling with keys or missing are some of the early symptoms of brain tumor.
  • Numbness
    If the tumor has entrenched itself on the brain stem, which is the meeting point of the brain and the spinal cord, then the patient would experience numbness, loss of sensation and jerky movements in any part of the body. Some tumors cause weakness in one side of the body or a tingling sensation in the hands and feet.
  • Altered memory
    In a situation where a person doesn’t know whether he or she is suffering from a brain tumor, the early symptoms to look out for may include poor cognitive abilities, poor concentration, difficulty in thinking and processing of information. Though brain tumor does cause a marked difference in a person’s behavior, these may not be radical. There may be mild memory loss, a feeling of confusion, and a loss in sense of direction.
  • Nausea
    An unreasonable, persistent sickness with no apparent explanation could be an early symptom of brain tumor. A feeling of vomiting, especially in the morning, and unrelated to any reason could indicate a brain tumor.

Apart from the above early symptoms, blurred vision, seeing floating images or aura, headaches, hormonal disorders, and gradual changes in one’s personality are some other indicators of a brain tumor.

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