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Some facts you should know about relapsed multiple myeloma

September 8, 2017

Some facts you should know about relapsed multiple myeloma

One of the frequently asked questions who has undergone treatment for multiple myeloma is – are there any chances of a relapse of this cancer? The answer is yes; relapsing or recurring of multiple myeloma may occur post cancer. Another commonly used name for relapsed multiple myeloma is recurrent myeloma, a condition when the disease returns even after the completion of the initial treatment.

More information about recurrent myeloma:

As there is no cure for multiple myeloma, at some point in time, this particular cancer might relapse. A relapsed multiple myeloma that occurs after a transplant could occur again even after several years of the treatment. Some patients do not experience this condition and lead healthy lives after a stem cell transplant. Nearly about a quarter of individuals tend to experience a recurrence of this cancer after few cycles of chemotherapy. Hence, advanced forms of therapy after a stem cell transplant can prevent this occurrence.

Treatment of cancer usually includes high- dose therapies, supportive care, targeted therapy, etc. To increase the chance of survival or the life span of the patient with recurrent myeloma, most physicians prefer to combine more than two treatment methods. There are new medications that are used in the treatment of multiple myeloma that are showing positive results when prescribed to patients with multiple recurring myeloma. Chemotherapy in high- doses is very effective in killing cancerous cells.

A patient with relapsed multiple myeloma would receive treatment depending on his or her overall health, the clinical nature of the regression, exposure to initial multiple myeloma treatments, etc. The relapse can be categorized as indolent relapse or an aggressive relapse that includes anemia, bone destruction, renal failure, etc.

Patients who are experiencing relapsed multiple myeloma should discuss their treatment options with their physician. It could be beneficial to seek the consultation and opinion of more than one doctor before starting with treatment. As multiple myeloma tends relapsing without any warning, it is advisable to have follow-up check-ups with your physician even after the completion of the initial treatment.

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