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How to Choose a Stair Lift?

August 14, 2017

How to Choose a Stair Lift?

A stair lift is a mechanical chair or device for people with mobility problems. The device attaches to the side of the staircase and helps people move up and down the stairs with ease. For best results, it is vital to choose a design with care and proper considerations.

Consider the below points if you plan to install a stair lift in your home.

  • Stair Design
    For regular staircases, a straight stair lift is a great solution. But for curved designs, It is advisable to opt for a curved stair lift. Even if the house has a straight staircase with multiple landings, a curved lift design can be a better fit. This way the person doesn’t need to move from one chair to another at each landing. If the staircase is very narrow, a standing lift would be a perfect choice. But this may not be suitable for those who find it difficult to stand for more than a minute.
  • Chair Features
    It is also imperative to check all the features available for stair lifts before making a purchasing decision. Not all lifts have a seat belt safety feature. So, if security is a major aspect, then opt for a chair that has a seat belt. A swivel seat can also make it easier to get in and out of the chair. This can be substantial for the elderly as chairs face away from the wall. If the individual uses a seat that doesn’t rotate, he will have to use the stairs to sit and get up from the seat. It can be inconvenient or even risky for some users. If the stair landing is near a door, one might need a lift with a seat that folds up neatly into the wall. This way one can have a free passage by the door.
  • Monetary Considerations
    Additional features can increase the cost of stair lift installations. Any customization can also add to the cost. Before you purchase a chair, also consider the warranty and any future maintenance costs.

Talk to various stair lift suppliers to find the best fit. Some companies also offer a trial run once you have decided on a model.

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