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Here’s how you can take care of a family member with a disability

August 14, 2017

Here’s how you can take care of a family member with a disability

Being a caregiver for a family member who has a disability is tough. You might face a lot of situations which can test your resolve and throw you in a state of confusion. Most likely, you are not even trained for such a responsibility and find yourself ill-equipped to deal with such a circumstance. Here are a some of things that will help you look after your family member better and also help you feel better.

  • Talk to the family member
    You need to assure the family member that you are willing to take care of things and lend the required support when needed. You have to make it easier for them to trust you. Set up a care plan with them. It would be better to discuss the same with the family member if possible.
  • Make sure that the house is safe for them
    For starters, ensure that the house is safe for them. If you think that some part of the house is dangerous for your disabled family member, keep them away from those areas. It is advisable to install ramps and safety fences in and around the house.
  • Keep them in close contact
    If you are working and cannot afford to stay at home with the family member all day, make sure you give them a user-friendly phone or keep an eye on them with the help of a camera. You can also use motion sensors to keep track of their movements and actions.
  • Hire a professional
    If you are a working individual and cannot be present with the person at all times, you could hire a healthcare professional who could do the same for you. You can even bring a therapist home for sessions if needed.
  • Do not let them miss their health check ups
    It is important for you to escort them for their appointments with the doctor regularly. It is highly necessary in case the family member has a memory loss issue or mental disorders.
  • Arrange for recreational activities
    Depression is a common problem for patients with disability, especially if the disability is a result of some recent mishap. Hence it will be a good idea to arrange some activities that will entertain them and cheer them up.

Remember that to take care of someone you also need to take of yourself and understand your limits.

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