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Natural remedies to beat allergies

August 18, 2017

Natural remedies to beat allergies

When our autoimmune system confuses harmless elements like pollens, peanuts, etc. as foreign bodies and produces chemicals to fight against them, it results in an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction can vary from mild to severe depending from person to person. Although sometimes you have to resort to medication to combat those allergies, there are many natural methods to help beat them.

Listed below are some natural remedies that will help you fight allergy symptoms.

  • If you are prone to allergies, get to know your triggers and try avoiding them. Keep your doctors informed of known allergens before medicating yourself or test for allergies as you go along. It will help a great deal to curb allergy symptoms from erupting.
  • If you are prone to hay fever, keep your home breeze-free. Try and minimize stepping out during windy days and if you do, cover your nasal passage and your throat well with a mask.
  • Using saline rinses help in eradicating most allergens from your system, and reduces your allergy symptoms. Other home remedies like gargling and steaming also help kill allergens.
  • Making dietary changes can help combat allergies and make you keep them at bay in the long run.
  • Replace all problematic foods with more fruits and vegetables, local honey. Switch to a gluten-free diet.
  • Consume plenty of liquids. It helps wash down toxins and allergens in the body.
  • Quercetine and Nettle leaf also act as natural antihistamines and keep allergies low. Check with your doctor before usage.
  • Try natural plant-based extracts like Butterbur, Phleum Pratense, and Pycnogenol, which act as antihistamines.
  • Keep yourself and your environment clean and dust/mold free. Having clean hands and fresh air to breathe reduces your chances of allergy symptoms.
  • Avoid using chemicals as household cleaning agents. There are enough natural products available in the market for you to use or you can easily make them at home at low or no costs.

These are just some of the tips to help you fight your allergy symptoms with no side effects.

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