Selection criteria for portable medical alert devices

Portable medical alert devices or personal emergency response systems are devices that are catered toward seniors to equip them with a greater sense of independence. What’s best is that these devices provide the much-needed peace of mind to the caregivers. Effective portable medical alert devices are especially helpful as they act as a reliable reassurance in an emergency. Typically, most portable medical alert devices have easy interface and functionalities, prompt response, and sturdy equipment that helps seniors feel safe as well as independent at the same time. While most portable medical alert devices have amazing features, it gets increasingly tricky to choose the best portable medical alert devices out of the lot. Here are some of the things you must consider while picking the most effective portable medical alert systems.

Consider your needs and requirements
The best way to find the perfect portable medical alert device includes identifying your requirements. For instance, if the senior is prone to falls, wearable devices with buttons may work the best. The call for help feature on such devices can help get prompt alerts in emergencies. For seniors undergoing treatment, it is best that you buy portable medical devices with medication reminders and features that monitor health status. Additionally, if the senior is active and someone who drives, the best device would be the one with activity monitor and GPS location detector. Similarly, based on your needs, you can choose to buy devices with additional features like home security, fitness tracking, check-in services and home security monitoring.

Features to watch out for
It is a fact that some portable medical alert devices are more sophisticated than the others. Some of the useful features to invest in include extended range of up to 400 feet, extra back up in the event of power failure, multiple contact options, and extra help buttons at accident-prone areas. You can further base your buying decision on the type of device you may need. You can choose from a pool of waterproof options, wearable devices, and comfortable devices that are non-obtrusive and safe to be worn all day long. Other important features to consider include water resistance, range, mobility, and connectivity.

While this is a crucial factor that can affect your decision, it is essential you look beyond the price of only the device. It is also important that you consider the overall cost of the particular device and avoid devices with elaborate and complicated pricing policies and additional hidden fees. Ensure you look for a brand that does not charge extra fees for shipping, installation, servicing, activation, and repair.

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