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Things you know about lower dentures

August 22, 2017

Things you know about lower dentures

Dentures are parts that replace your missing teeth and can be suitably used to replace any number of missing teeth. Dentures can be acrylic or ceramic, whereas the denture base is usually made of acrylic plastic and shaped so as to match the natural gum adjustment as well as gum tissue of the patient. As we all know, the lower jaw is solely responsible for the entire movement of the mouth for all purposes such as speaking, chewing etc. So, people with completely removable lower dentures have the issues resolved if they use artificial dentures. Apart from that, the dentures have other functions as well.

Let us look at some of the things that you should know about lower dentures:

  • Lower dentures are a very cost-effective substitute if one has missed his or her teeth. They have better functionalities than a single artificial tooth or tooth cavities that have been filled.
  • As lower dentures are entirely removable in most cases, when removed, they allow for the area under them to be cleaned. They, thus, help in maintaining good oral hygiene as well as in allowing the tissues under the denture to rest. These dentures are also very easy to clean when compared to other types of artificial teeth such as bridge work or teeth with filled cavities, as every corner is visible after they have been removed.
  • Lower dentures impart chewing efficiency to people who suffer from broken, unhealthy teeth since it is a complete set of teeth functioning together just like the natural lower jaw. Chewing efficiency is thus retained after the installation of complete lower dentures.
  • Together with upper dentures, lower dentures give shape to sunken cheeks. They retain the facial shape.
  • Lower dentures, whether complete or partial, allow better movement of the mouth while chewing and talking. They are also greatly improving their physical appearance, thus giving a boost to the wearers’ self-confidence.

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