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Tips to prevent high blood pressure

September 5, 2017

Tips to prevent high blood pressure

Blood plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the body. Its work is to supply oxygen to all the cells and organs present in the body and remove waste and carbon dioxide. When our heart beats, it creates blood pressure that pushes blood to the arteries and veins. When this pressure increases because of various factors like smoking and improper diet, our body suffers from high blood pressure, and high blood pressure treatment becomes unavoidable.

How to prevent high blood pressure

To reduce high blood pressure, one should bring some change in his daily lifestyle. Also, ensure you keep one of the high blood pressure charts handy to motivate yourself and know whether your pressure levels are in the normal range or not.

Few of the lifestyle changes that play a vital role in reducing your blood pressure are mentioned below:

Control weight: Blood pressure increases with an increase in weight. Weight loss is considered as one of the most efficient lifestyle changes one should bring in order to reduce increased blood pressure.

Reduce salt intake: Reducing salt intake seems impossible as most of the food needs salt. But even if you cut a small portion of salt intake from your diet, you can reduce your blood pressure to about 6-8 mmHg.

Add potassium to your diet: Potassium eases pressure on your blood vessels. It is considered as a good source to reduce your blood pressure. You can include bananas, green leafy vegetables, melons, and oranges in your daily diet.

How to calculate your blood pressure with the help of high blood pressure chart

Blood pressure can be easily calculated with the help of high blood pressure charts, as long as you know your systolic and diastolic value. Systolic is the highest value and diastolic is the lowest value of pressure.

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