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3 Popular Leaf Blowers to Choose From

3 Popular Leaf Blowers to Choose From

Leaf blowers are one of the equipment that we need throughout the year as it is useful not only for blowing extra leaves from your patio but also for cleaning sandy floors during the summer, light snow during winters, and spring’s windblown pathways. You can find a lot of options while purchasing a leaf blower. These include corded electric, gas operated, and battery powered leaf blowers. There are also various styles in which these leaf blowers are available. For example, they come in handled units, wheeled units, and backpack models. There are a lot of companies which sell these leaf blowers and three popular ones have been listed below:

Worx Turbine
This leaf blower is of the corded electric style. With the help of this leaf blower, you can blow wet and heavy leaves in a few seconds. This can also be used for blowing snow from your garden or patio. This leaf blower is lightweight and comes with a handle. This can work very quietly and you cannot feel its vibrations or get irritated by its sound. This is an amazing product in the corded electric type.

Hitachi RB24EAP
This excellent product from Hitachi is used for blowing leaves effortlessly. This is a gas operated leaf blower, so there is no requirement of cords. This enhances its portability as you can move with it and clear larger areas. This leaf blower is lightweight so you will not feel exhausted while cleaning your garden or pathways. It produces an effective stream of the air; thus, the leaves can be blown away easily. It can blow soggy leaves and grumpy seed pods very easily.

Toro 51619
This leaf blower is a powerful variant of leaf blowers. With the use of this leaf blower, you can effortlessly push, guide, and cover the leaves from your garden. This blower requires an extension cord for its movement, but you can carry it easily with its handle. You can adjust its power setting—this is the most special feature of this leaf blower. It has a wind speed of around 250 MPH, which is a very commendable speed for any leaf blower. This blower has additional nozzles to remove even the most persistent leaves from the ground. It can also be used as a vacuum or mulcher. This Toro leaf blower can suck up leaves and other materials as well, and the spinning blade will then chop these leaves to make a fine powder so that it can be disposed off easily.

These are a few popular leaf blowers to choose from. You can look up online for more types and classify them based on their performances and prices and choose the best one according to your requirements.

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