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4 easy and effective ways to remove ink stains

4 easy and effective ways to remove ink stains

An ink stain can completely ruin the look of a garment. Getting this stain off a fabric can be a challenging task, as regular detergents cannot effectively remove this type of stubborn stain.
Anyone who has ever had to remove ink stains from a piece of cloth would be well aware of how bothersome it can be. And more often than not it may require a trip to the nearest dry cleaner.
Nonetheless, there are certain ways that are known to be effective in removing ink stains from garments. These at-home methods are easy, safe-to-use, wallet-friendly, and highly effective in eliminating ink stains from clothing.
However, it is important to keep in mind that these methods work best on fresh ink stains rather than the old ones.
Below, we have listed some of the potent methods that can remove ink stains from a fabric in an inexpensive and an effective way.

Store-bought ink stain removers
There are tons of different non-toxic stain removers available in the market these days. You can easily check online or go to the nearest grocery store to buy a stain remover meant for ink stains. They are quite safe to use and effective in removing an ink stain from different types of fabric. Still, it is highly recommended to check the instructions and reviews before using a store-bought stain remover to ensure best results.

Rubbing alcohol
Rubbing alcohol on the stained spot is an age-old method that is popular all over the world. Rubbing alcohol can effectively and safely remove ink stains from fabrics. Just soak the stained spot in rubbing alcohol, leave it there for a few minutes before washing the piece of cloth by the regular method. This wallet-friendly method can work wonders on ink-stained spots.

Glycerin is an excellent remedy that can act as a potent ink stain remover. Just buy a liquid glycerin from a drugstore, soak a cotton swab in it. Rub the Q-tip all over the stained spot. Allow the material to set in for a few minutes before washing the garment with a detergent. This is an easy-yet-effective method to banish ink stains from clothes.

White vinegar with milk
The remarkable combination of white vinegar and milk can also effectively eliminate ink stains from clothes. Just create a concoction of these two ingredients and pour onto the stained spot. Allow the material to set in for a good hour or so before washing the garment with your regular detergent. This particular concoction tends to work best on fresh ink stains.

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