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4 popular misconceptions about indoor fireplaces you should know

4 popular misconceptions about indoor fireplaces you should know

Why should you purchase an indoor fireplace? People want to create a good ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere by heating their home in an efficient way. If you want to have a better idea about fireplaces, you need to get rid of the popular misconceptions about them.

Indoor fireplaces are meant to heat the entire home
In reality, wood-burning fireplaces offer heat to a relatively small place like a room. In a majority of the homes, fireplaces are used for creating a comfortable atmosphere when the weather turns harsh outside. If you are searching for a good fireplace and are not interested in spending money on fresh-cut wood for lighting a fireplace, you need to think about purchasing a portable gel fireplace in place.

No inspection is needed for an out of use fireplace
This is a wrong perception many people have. You need to realize the fact that when a chimney is not in use, you need to inspect a fireplace regularly to check for rodents and other types of insect-related infestations. If you have a dirty fireplace, you may have to deal with the risk for respiratory infections.

Fireplaces keep on burning all the time efficiently
The fact of the matter is that a fireplace can be described as one of the most inefficient heat sources that you can have at your house. If you want to save some serious money on energy, a substandard wood-burning fireplace may not necessarily be the best solution. A roaring fire is supposed to exhaust more than 200,000 feet of air per hour, and the cold air that is brought into the house has to replace the air that is being consumed. It requires a home heating system to work harder for maintaining the proper temperature inside the home, and this situation leads to extra money for electricity. It is always advisable to buy high quality but cheap fireplaces to save on electricity bills.

Softwoods must not be utilized
This is another common perception that many people have. Many believe that burning softwoods such as pine cause a lot of problems because they contain a lot of sap that promotes creosote buildup in a fireplace. Various research studies have shown that creosote accumulation takes places from burning fires at low temperatures and it is not connected with softwoods containing resin. To have safe burning, you can utilize softwoods that are adequately seasoned to prevent the problems associated with creosote accumulation.

If you want to keep the functionality of your indoor fireplaces at optimal levels, you have to get rid of these misconceptions. The most important thing is that you need to purchase a high-quality fireplace and it should be maintained properly as well.

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