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5 popular types of vacuum cleaners in the market

November 20, 2017

5 popular types of vacuum cleaners in the market

Whether you’re planning to purchase a Miele vacuum or some other vacuum cleaner, you need to know about the types of vacuum cleaners available. Essentially, there are five most prominent types of vacuum cleaners you can choose from. Even though each of the five types of vacuum cleaners has almost the same kind of operation, they have slight variations. Hence, you need to be aware of all your vacuum cleaning needs before opting for a vacuum cleaner.

With the surge in autonomous technology, vacuum cleaners have gone robotic. Robotic vacuum cleaners, as available from Miele vacuum cleaners line, require little to no manual effort at all. In near future, they will replace traditional vacuum cleaners but for now, they’re affordable to a select people who can spare a hefty amount for a vacuum cleaner.

Between upright and stick vacuum cleaners are the canister vacuum cleaners. They combine powerful cleaning with the convenience of a sleek frame. They have a distinct canister fixed with a long wand. It is ideal to use this for carpeted as well as bare floor areas. This vacuum is simple to use, technologically advanced, and pricey.

Specially designed by keeping vacuum cleaning of hard-to-reach places in mind, handheld vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular vacuum cleaners in scenarios where little or specific vacuum cleaning is required. Because of the flexibility and freedom, this type of cleaning is also used in vacuuming cars. It is the best way to suck up all the dirt and dust from tight spaces. There are several builds available, from Miele vacuum cleaners to others, in handheld vacuum cleaners section alone.

It’s true that stick vacuum cleaners are the least powerful devices in the family of vacuum cleaners. Nonetheless, these are admired for their efficiency of cleaning tight and close spaces. Stick vacuum cleaners are ideal for de-dirt area rugs, hardwood floors, and light carpeting. Its distinctive build supports a long stick-resembling handle and sleek body.

Miele vacuum offers a lot of upright vacuum cleaners to choose from. It is the traditional vacuum cleaner you must have seen in cartoons, movies, and in your friend’s and acquaintances’ home.

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