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A buyer’s guide to adjustable beds

April 30, 2020

A buyer’s guide to adjustable beds

Nowadays, an adjustable bed is not only used for health purposes, but also as an alternative for conventional beds in many households. They come in varied features, but the common feature of all adjustable beds is that they are used to bend a portion of your lower or upper body as per your choice. Some companies even sell only the base of the adjustable beds.

Special features that you must look for in your adjustable bed have been listed below.
Check for availability of lumbar support. Such beds are provided with an extra bar whose function is to hold up your lumbar region. This is very effective for people suffering from back pains.

Some beds are also provided with a feature of providing massage with a timer. Such beds provide a different level of comfort.

Other models are provided with a timer that will automatically return your bed to the normal position after a certain time.

Things you should consider before buying an adjustable bed
If you are sharing the bed with your partner, you should know beforehand that the motors of an adjustable bed makes quite a noise. So if you are changing positions in the middle of night, there is a possibility that you may wake your partner up.

If you haven’t used an adjustable bed before, then it is advisable that you take a bed in a free trial period to see whether you are comfortable with it. There is a vast difference between trying to see if you are comfortable with a bed in a store and in your own home for several days.

The frames of the adjustable beds are quite heavy, at times ranging from 150 to 170 lbs. So it is not an easy task to move the bed frequently. It is also not suitable for floors, which cannot take up very heavy weight.

There are instances when the user, after taking the product, realized after a certain time that the warranty does not include all the parts of the bed. So ensure that warranty covers everything before you make a purchase.

Do not go by the notion that more the price of the product, better the quality. Adjustable beds are available in a wide range of prices. Some brands offer a greater price just because of the fancy packaging. So always check the features before buying. If it is a high-end product, then do a preliminary research on the features and then judge whether the bed is worth investing in.
It is always better to check before buying a product rather than suffering afterward. Adjustable beds are no doubt good, but like all other products, they have their shortcomings. So consider all the aspects before going for one.

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