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Ashley Furniture Outlet – Bringing home popular television stand

April 30, 2020

Ashley Furniture Outlet – Bringing home popular television stand

When it comes to decorating a home with the furniture, most people are after the finest quality equipment that would endure heavy usage and last for years. If you belong to this group, Ashley is highly recommended for all your home furnishing needs. With an unmatched performance of the premium class furniture, you can rest assured that the Ashley furniture pieces would win your heart. And the best part is that Ashley furniture is available all across the USA and you are likely to get something suitable for your home without digging a hole in your pocket.

Buying the platform for your new television
Even though we are in an era where the smartphone has immensely intruded into our daily life, there are not many homes that don’t own a television. Moreover, most people live in a place with a confined availability of space which demands a thoughtful influx of furniture and other decorative pieces. In such a scenario, if you are willing to buy a platform for your pricey television set, Ashley furniture outlet has a host of options to help you select the best.

Choosing between the Frantin and Trinell television stands
Frantin and Trinell are the two most coveted television stands from the house of Ashley furniture, and both of them have the same measurement of 63 inches and 20 inches. You can rest assured that both of these television stand designs would fit your living room or bedroom with a touch of stylish comfort.
Coming to the Frantin TV stand, it has amazingly replicated oak grain with two smooth drawers gliding at the side. This design became the highest seller as soon as it was launched owing to the tapered shape and the contemporary finish. The side roller glides so that the drawers can be operated smoothly and the shelves can also be adjusted according to your needs.

The flame can be operated with or without the heat so that the appearance of the Frantin television set remains untainted. And in those chilly cold evenings, when you want to enjoy a warm night with your beloved family members, the heat generated from the Frantin television set from the Ashley furniture would keep you all cozy.

The Trinell television stand, which is commonly available in any Ashley Furniture outlet, is quite similar to the Frantin and shares similar features and dimension with it. The warm rustic plank finish made of oak grain in dark bronze color has become popular among users worldwide. This one also has a fireplace well-fitted within its chamber endowing it with a fantastic feature at an affordable price.

Thus, if you are looking for the best in class furniture that would function with a versatile elegance, you should consider looking for the Ashley furniture outlets. These outlets are easily accessible and most of them have online retail as well. Even if you are in doubt regarding which one you must go for, the service executives would aid you to make the best choice at competitive prices.

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